Speed of Light

  • Company:
    Iowa New Play Festival
  • Venue:
    University of Iowa
  • Written by:
    Bella Poynton
  • Directed by:
    Ariel Francoeur
  • Scenic Design by:
    Peggy Mead-Finizio
  • Costume Design by:
    Emily Bushá

While the System is being invaded by mindless alien beings, Mayra Ecazin, a brilliant physicist, has discovered the secret to traveling at the speed of light. The race to get the machine made, however, proves more difficult than anticipated. Suddenly, everyone is interested in Mayra and her achievements, but their intentions are perhaps, less genuine. While Kantis, a nearby planet and home to Mayra’s best friend Valki, fights for survival, Mayra herself struggles for life due to a severe drug addiction that allowed for her great discovery in the first place. The clock is ticking, and all involved are working as fast as possible–but is it fast enough?

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